Action Model (VizArtist-PlugIn)

Action Model Trailer

ACTION MODEL is a plug-in to use bones animations from your prefered 3D-package (like Lightwave or Maya) in VizArtist.
ACTION MODEL can load animations as a Collada- or X-File, play the animations and blend different animations for a flexible visualization. If you want to use the plug-in without an inhouse visual art team (specialized in character animation), we ( can develop any kind of bones-animated objects that work perfect in VizArtist for you for an attractive price.
ACTION MODEL is a superb tool to use animated figures in TV-productions for news, sports, children or other categories with real-time visualizations.
ACTION MODEL is used for instance for sport analysis like ski jumping, swimming or for showing real-time animated sport formations in soccer or football.
ACTION MODEL is easy to handle for your VizArtist producer.

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